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About Us


SafaRI is a non-for profit organization dedicated to parent and child exploration of the great State of Rhode Island. We host 1 to 3 day adventures across the state as a means to explore, educate, and foster community involvement. SafaRI has also donated family event packages to Veteran Families reconnecting from a recent deployment. 

Get to Know Us


Brian LaFauci











Kevin Nerney






Ashlee Barton



Angela Nerney



Lori Hart


Ashlee is the owner of ONE Cycle RI, a boutique indoor cycling studio in Smithfield, RI. During the daytime, she works as a School Psychologist in a local public high school. Growing up playing sports, Ashlee has continued to showcase her love for the outdoors and athletics by instructing fitness classes for over 15 years and by spending her free time hiking, biking, running, and playing outside with her dogs. 

Angie has been working as a third grade school teacher in the Pawtucket School Systems for ten years. She has three kids and loves to spend time outdoors with her family. 

Kevin is a Developmental Disability attorney who's idea sparked the efforts that lead into the formation of SafaRI. Kevin is a father of three beautiful girls and an avid fan of outdoor exploration and sports.  

Brian is a Program Director for the Veteran Business Outreach Center of New England and a former school clinician. As a member of SafaRI, Brian is motivated to encourage the exploration of the beautiful State of Rhode Island and provide opportunities for parent child interactions, uninhibited by the many distractions in today's world.   

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